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As its name shows ("tornis" means "tower"), this house is the highest of all Taureņi projects. Glazed gallery with staircase leads to the third floor where you can enjoy an astounding view of the lake and surroundings seen from the terrace on the upper floor. Private apartments are on the second floor. Two luxurious bathrooms, twofold door, panoramic glazing create unforgettable feeling of comfort for the dwellers. Huge guest hall with fire-place is on the first floor. One of its walls is a huge panoramic window which can be slid apart if you want to get to comfortable wooden terrace hidden from outsiders' looks with the help of "false" wall. After parking your car in the garage you can take a shower in an adjacent shower room and enter your house in a refreshed mood. Both kitchen and dining room has their own terraces. Glass twofold door allows to create common open space which is excellent for a party and having a good time in a big company.

This house suits perfectly hospitable people who love to live a full life.