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Harmony of seasons

Taureņi space is music embodied in stone rendered through laconicism and refinement of architectural lines.

Every creation made by man for other people can be considered a work of art. It is pleasant to look at it, it can show good skills of master-creator. But the outer form of a work of art is not its only merit. The main thing is what its voice of heart talks about.

With the help of poetry, music or dance movements a thought or a feeling can be created which can be felt by everyone. At the same time thoughts and feelings of people are unconsciously reproduced in everything a man's hand touches. Especially in the case when one talks about harmonious connection of man and surrounding nature.

With beginning of every new season the music is born. It is pure and timid as the first snowdrop, it is full of love and tenderness. It is strong and bright, it's hard to render it with words because it is so diverse, versatile and intricate. Art comes forth as an artist's helper.

In art an artist also perfects music of his soul and his mind. For him it is not a chaotic process but creative work which leads to creating and expressing certain feelings.

Architecture of Taureņi is a visual and tangible embodiment of feeling of life harmony and at the same time music of Baraka is a sound embodiment of this feeling.

Baraka band

Baraka – band of musicians from Riga – gives an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of Taureņi through lyrical compositions in which Oriental traditions are combined with modern European music.


Harmony of seasons — Intro (mp3, 1.91 Mb)
Pentatonic Raga in Do, Intro (Baraka)


What can be more beautiful than a shore of a quiet forest lake in the autumn evening. Faint whisper of leaves, soft rustle of dry grass and appeasing lapping of waves cause nostalgia and recalling best moments of your life. You are plunged in the beautiful world of memories and the sweet melancholy distracts you from everyday troubles and allows to cast a fresh and optimistic glance into the future. You receive a huge portion of inspiration observing the sky and charming autumn twilight from your window.

Harmony of seasons — Autumn (mp3, 2.56 Mb)
Dancing Princess (Hinze — Baraka)


Let winter blizzard rages outside, let wind sweeps snow-drifts around trees and prickly snowflakes whirl in the crystal clear air... and gentle crackling of firewood and glass of mulled wine in your hand remind you that you are in the best place in the world -- at home. During long winter nights the walls envelop you in warmth and cosiness.

Harmony of seasons — Winter (mp3, 3.15 Mb)
La Tehtar (Dimanadis E., Konstantinidis V. — Baraka)

Early spring

Have you ever noticed enigmatic attractiveness of early spring? When looking around you would not see any greenery, when lake is still covered with thin sparkling layer of ice and sun rays are still powerless and cannot melt the frost. But heaven knows from where comes a fresh breath of wind and you suddenly sense pure, intoxicating, enveloping scents. The sensation you feel is sweet, melancholic and deep.

Harmony of seasons — Early Spring (mp3, 2.96 Mb)
Pentatonic Raga in Do (Baraka)


Fresh wind and nature awakening after winter sleep fill you with new ideas and excellent mood. Caressing spring sun tenderly warms you and fills you with its energy. New grass covers the grounds around your house with a clean green carpet. Cheerful singing of birds wakes you up at dawn. Morning wakes up inside you.

Harmony of seasons — Spring (mp3, 2.09 Mb)
Song for Everyone (Shankar — Baraka)


In your house you will find the best shelter in the hot summer afternoon. Light wind is caressing and refreshing. You sense fresh air full of conifer scents bursting into your house and filling it with feeling of harmony and appeasement. Saturated colours of summer fill the space of your house with light of nature. Summer is around you and you feel it in your heart.

Harmony of seasons — Summer (mp3, 2.37 Mb)
Far From The Beaten Parts (Ponty — Baraka)