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Settlement description


Philosophy of Taureņi is based on the following concept: living space of a person is a thread connecting him or her with the changeable world. This thread is a source of support and protection. Philosophy of Taureņi comprises striving for perfect living and is based on two powers: privacy and openness. These seem to be incompatible things. But when combined they open a new world for you, new philosophy of life. Creators of this world laid three important principles as its foundations:

  • Principle of living space

  • Principle of space without borders

  • Principle of space of the future

They turn living in Taureņi into a fascinating journey where you can sense nature without leaving your house.

Taureņi -- the harmony of life.

Living space

Principle of living space is realized in "enlivening", animating the house. When every little part of the house is carefully thought over and functional and you are delighted with comfort and enjoyment. Where location and shape of the house are primarily based on your needs. When your house is a living creature and it lives together with you. And you receive particles of vital energy of your house and fill it with your life.

Space without borders

Principle of house openness is a special one. This choice requires your certain courage but stream of new sensations justifies it completely. All seasons of the year are spread before your eyes. High panoramic windows made of invisible glass eliminate borders and all surrounding environment becomes your home. Here endless perspectives of picturesque beauty caress your eyes.

Home without borders... You are inside and outside at the same time, you feel the breath of nature and absorb its steady rhythm. The harmony of nature lives within your house and the house is a part of nature.

Space of the future

In different times demands to dwelling design were subject to change. But always and everywhere one thing was constant: a house should be a support for its owner, it should be the place where a person feels better than anywhere else. A house should be an integral part of a person's life. And this feature of any dwelling is always wanted. If a house, like a living creature, breathes, rejoices, sympathizes, helps -- it will be everlasting. Only in such house a person will be happy in the present and in the future.

The harmony of life

Taureņi is built as a single whole where every element is a component, inseparable part of the common space.

It is located in a quiet pine forest between Riga and Jurmala on the lakeside of picturesque Bozhu Lake. Location of every house is thoroughly thought over. The mansions are built in amphitheatre pattern and you can enjoy excellent panorama of the lake in any season.

Harmonious landscape, sparkling patches of sunlight on mirror-like surface of the lake, its clear water and salubrious air of the forest do make this place a heavenly nook for you and your loved ones.

Everything in Taureņi is up to demanding taste. Unity of architectural style, magnificent landscape, illuminated trees, fountains and gazebos, and beautiful paths leading to your house. You live as if in an enchanted park and every second spent here arouse a wish to stop the course of time and to stay in this magical space.